Ultrasonic Blanket Embossing Machine

This machine can do high frequency ultrasonic embossing and recombination on flat flexible materials such as artificial cotton, plush, non woven fabrics, chemical & blended fabrics, silk and leather. It is widely used in the industries like knitting, printing, garment lining, fabric, shoe...

Product Details

This machine can do high frequency ultrasonic embossing and recombination on flat flexible materials 

such as artificial cotton, plush, non woven fabrics, chemical & blended fabrics, silk and leather. 

It is widely used in the industries like knitting, printing, garment lining, fabric, shoe making, 

decoration, diapers, urinal pad,medical sanitary towel, seat cushion, back cushion, non slip mat, 

body armor, bedding, and automobile.



With the advanced technology of high frequency ultrasonic embossing, embossing recombination 

plus air cooling, the processed products are featured by being soft, washable,high fastness, no scald 

on surface, no protruding, power-saving and efficient. 

Ultrasonic fabric embossing machine application.jpg





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