Leather Cutting Tool for Die Cutting Machine

Usage and characteristics 1. The Plastic/Foam/Paper cutting machine is mainly suitable for cutting various nonmetal materials,such industries as sponge, EVA foam, plastics packing, paper, disposable blister or foam packaging,rubber and prining etc. 2. PLC contrl systerm,easy to operate. 3....

Product Details

Usage and characteristics

1. The Plastic/Foam/Paper cutting machine is mainly suitable for cutting various nonmetal materials,such industries as sponge, EVA foam, plastics packing, paper, disposable blister or foam packaging,rubber and prining etc.  

2. PLC contrl systerm,easy to operate.

3. Saving labour.Only need two people to operate it.

4. Small motor,small oil pump.Save electric and oil .Equipped with lubricating system to lessen wear and prolong service life. 

5. 24V low power special control system.

6. Lower limit of stroke is controlled by a time-lapse circuit with high precision, so it can make high-quality products.

7. Different height products can be manufactured at same time.

8. Products of special specifications can be customized.


Main Technical Data(Customizable)


Cutting Force40T50T60T80T100T
Tension Distance(mm)50-20050-20050-20050-20050-200
Cutting Area(mm)1400*6101400*8001400*9001400*9001400*900
Main Motor Power(kw)345.57.57.5


Machine Advantage:  

1. Controlled by PLC, electric box, human-computer interface, easy to operation.
2. The main machine adopts double oil cylinder, double-crank connecting rod balance, four-columns, which can guarantee the cutting depth at every cutting position is the same.
3. The pressing board carries out slow cutting when it presses down to contact the die cutter, which can make that there is no size error between the uppermost layer and lowmost layer of cut material.
4. Single-side or double side auto feeding system for choosing, which can improve the producting capacity.
5. Die cutter pueumatic clamp device can be allocated to make the replacement of die cutter convenient and prompt.

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