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150 ton cutting machine core introduction [Ponse cutting machine]

May 07, 2018

150 ton cutting machine core introduction [Ponse cutting machine]

Introduction of the core specialty of 150 ton cutting machine

Ponse cutting machine model: PS-150T

Cutting machine cutting section size: standard machine 1400*810MM, size can be customized.

Cutting machine cutting stroke: 50-220MM

Cutting machine motor: 11KW

Net weight of cutting machine: 7000KG

The characteristics of the cutting machine:

1) double oil cylinder, four column plus automatic balancing structure of balance bar, ensure the cutting depth is the same for each cutting position.

2) the cutting plate is pressed automatically and slowly when contacting the cutting tool, so that there is no dimensional error between the upper and lower cutting layers.

3) the stroke specific setting structure, with the cutting knife and cutting height, make the stroke adjustment simple and correct.

4) central automatic lubrication system ensures machine precision and machine durability.

5) multi-layer or single layer rolls and sheets can be applied.

The working principle of the cutting machine: when the cutting head acts on the processed object through the tool die, the pressure in the cylinder does not reach the rated pressure. The pressure will increase with the increase of the contact time, until the electromagnetic reversing valve receives the signal, the reversing valve is reversing and the cutting head starts to reset; then the oil cylinder is in the cylinder. The pressure is limited by the pressure of the oil cylinder and may not reach the rated pressure value; that is to say, the system pressure has not reached the design value, and the punching is completed.

The cutting machine is suitable for automobile interior, shoes, bags, handbags, mobile phone sets, seats, facial mask, plush toys, washing sponges, silk flowers, pearl cotton, EVA, plastic packaging and other large and medium-sized sheet products.


1) feeding mode: roller feeding, chain feeding and guide feeding.

2) single side feed or bilateral feed

3) PLC controller