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A brief discussion on the cutting machine of Ponse

Aug 09, 2018

A brief discussion on the cutting machine of Ponse

Jiangsu Ponse Machinery Co., Ltd. is one of the most famous manufacturers of manufacturing, cutting machine, laminating machine, embossing machine, oil pressure cutting machine, four pillar cutting machine, plastic cutting machine, hydraulic cutting machine, leather embossing machine, precision four column automatic balance oil pressure cutting machine and other light industrial machinery equipment.

Ponse is the first manufacturer to integrate the German balanced connecting rod structure into the cutting machine. With the first-class design ability, the product has been constantly innovating and developing, making the Ponse brand always in the leading position in the market. In particular, with the cooperation of several major auto parts manufacturers in Japan, several automatic cutting equipment have been developed to become the first class manufacturer of auto cutting of soft materials.

In automation control, we have received the support of the Japanese MITSUBISHI and OMRON industrial control technology, designed the man-machine interface operation in the high-end products, and can test and detect the blanking data in the computer. Especially bilateral automatic blanking, because of the dual use of the work, suitable for both sides of the high precision die at the same time accurate blanking, many plastic packaging and pearl cotton packaging manufacturers, products all over the country, also become the first choice for Southeast Asian countries.

The belt embossing machine developed in 2005 has filled the blank of the domestic belt equipment, making up for the deficiency of the old roll - type roll - rolling, and further improving the safety and embossing effect.

The continuous efforts and innovation have made the Ponse machine a powerful partner for light industry, leather, packaging, toy, automobile, electronics and other manufacturers. At the same time, the senior technicians of Ponse are seeking the most suitable solutions according to the requirements of different blanking processes in machine modeling and configuration with rich experience. At the same time, the perfect fusion of advanced technology and excellent parts makes the quality of the product fully guaranteed. It also makes Ponse machine win a good reputation in the market competition at home and abroad, and makes Ponse machine become one of the famous manufacturers in China.

Excellent technology, endless pursuit, create a diamond like quality. We persevered, persevered and consistent in quality.