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A brief discussion on the fault of the hydraulic system of the cutting machine

Aug 09, 2018

A brief discussion on the fault of the hydraulic system of the cutting machine

In industrial production, the fault diagnosis of the hydraulic system of Ponse cutting machine is often limited by the field conditions, and the fault should be removed as soon as possible.

This paper introduces several fault diagnosis methods for hydraulic system of Ponse cutting machine.

Visual inspection method of hydraulic system of A and Ponse cutting machine

For some simpler faults, parts can be inspected by means of eyes, hand models, ear sounds and sniffing.

Visual inspection can detect such faults as breakage, oil leakage, loosening and deformation imagination, so that timely repair or replacement of accessories.

Hold the tubing with your hand and feel the vibration when the pressure oil passes, but not when the oil passes or the pressure is too low. In addition, use

Feel the temperature change of the component shell. If the shell is overheated, the lubrication is bad.

Ear hearing can be used to determine the failure point and degree of damage caused by damage to mechanical parts, such as hydraulic pump suction, relief valve opening, component issuing, etc.

The sound of water or the sound of water hammer.

Some parts may cause peculiar smell due to overheating, poor lubrication and cavitation and so on.

B and Ponse cutting machine hydraulic system change diagnosis method

This method should be adopted when there is no diagnostic instrument in the maintenance field or when the checking elements are relatively unsuitable for disassembly. First disassemble the suspected element of the suspect.

Replacement of new parts or other machines in normal operation, the same type of components for testing, to see if the fault can be eliminated to make a diagnosis.

C, instrument measurement and inspection of the hydraulic system of Ponse cutting machine

The fault point of the system is determined by measuring the pressure, flow rate and oil temperature of the hydraulic oil in each part of the hydraulic system of the cutting machine. In the general field test,

Because of the failure of hydraulic system, it often appears as lack of pressure and easy to detect. Traffic detection is relatively difficult, and the traffic size can only be performed by executing elements.

The quick and slow motion of a piece makes a wrong judgment. Therefore, in the field test of the more precise models, the pressure of the detection system is adopted more frequently.

The principle reasoning method of hydraulic system of D and Ponse cutting machine

The basic principle of the hydraulic system of Ponse Cutting Machine is that it is made up of different hydraulic components and matched according to the combination of hydraulic system circuits. When a failure occurs

Based on this, we can analyze and reasoning on the basis of this, and initially identify the location and cause of the fault.

According to the working principle of the hydraulic system, the fault of the hydraulic system of the cutting machine in Ponse can be solved according to the power element, control element and actuator.

In the order of system diagram, the cause of failure is analyzed forward. If the transmission arm is unable to work, in principle, it is generally considered that oil is not working.

Caused by a decrease in pressure or a decrease in flow.

From the system diagram, the possible factors that cause pressure drop or flow decrease are:

First, the fuel tank, such as lack of oil, oil absorption filter plugging, ventilation holes are not smooth;

Two, hydraulic pump leakage, such as oil pump parts of the gap increased.

Three. The main safety valve of the control valve is too low in pressure regulation or serious in internal leakage.

Four. The leakage of the hydraulic cylinder is serious.

Five, the return oil road is not smooth and so on.

After considering these factors, some factors are eliminated according to the existing inspection results, and the scope of the fault is reduced until the fault point is found and eliminated.

In the fault diagnosis of hydraulic system of Ponse cutting machine, we should master some rules or common sense according to the working principle of the system.

1. To analyze whether the fault process is gradual or abrupt. If it is gradual, the original size and fit will be lost due to wear and tear.

Function; if it is a sudden change, it is often caused by sudden damage to the parts, if the spring breaks, seal damage, moving parts stuck or dirt clogging.

Second, to distinguish between vulnerable parts or non-vulnerable parts, or in high-frequency and heavy-load moving parts, or hydraulic components prone to failure. At the same time

In low frequency, light load or basically relatively static components, it is not easy to fail. After mastering these rules, we can play a positive role in judging the fault location quickly.

The role.