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A brief discussion on the types of hydraulic cutting machines

Aug 09, 2018

A brief discussion on the types of hydraulic cutting machines

A, Ponse Rocker-arm Cutting Machine: The punching parts are rocker arms which can be swing, and are suitable for punching non-metallic materials such as leather, natural materials and artificial leather.

B, Ponse Longmen mobile cutting machine: the punching cutting part can be moved along the beam, the cutter die can be fixed on the cutting head, and can be placed on the processed material. The large, computer controlled Longmen cutter head of Honggang is equipped with a rotating cutter die frame, and the corresponding cutting tool can be selected according to the program typesetting; of course, the automatic feeding mechanism should be equipped accordingly.

C. Ponse flat cutting machine: It is different from Honggang gantry cutting machine in that the beam is punched directly without movable punching head. Honggang plate cutting machine is divided into two categories: fixed beam or beam can move back and forth, and worktable skateboards can move back and forth.

D, Ponse four column precision cutting machine: double cylinder, four column automatic balancing connecting rod structure.