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A description of the classification of the cutting machine according to the transmission mode

Feb 23, 2018

There are many types of cutting machines, and they can be classified according to all kinds of ways. Today Xiaobian is going to take all of you to get a brief understanding of what categories can be classified according to the way of transmission. Now let's have a brief understanding of the classification of transmission.

Mechanical drive cutting machine

The cutting machine of this situation is relatively old model, and it is not seen much!

Hydraulic drive cutting machine

This type of cutting machine is now a more common model, is a modern more common cutting machine!

Automatic rolling cutting machine

Use the sandwich method to process the whole skin or textiles.

Computer controlled water beam cutting machine

It is a modern and more advanced cutting machine. It is not necessary to use the tool die, and it is cut according to the input program. The scour source is a high pressure water beam generator.

Computer controlled ultrasonic cutting machine

The control form is similar to the water beam cutting machine, and the cutting source is the ultrasonic generator.