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A simple understanding of the calls of a cutting machine everywhere

Feb 01, 2018

There must be different ways to call the same thing in many different places. After all, there is a great difference between culture and language in every area. Now let's have a brief understanding of the name of the cutting machine in different regions and countries.

In foreign countries, English is generally used to mark the cutting machine as CutterMaching. Of course, the direct translation is cutting machine, which is used for cutting various kinds of flexible materials in industrial production. This machine matches a lot of different forms of address according to the custom of all over the world.

In foreign countries, it is called cutting machine; people in Taiwan, according to the English transliteration with Chinese meaning coincidence called cutting machine; in Hongkong, people called beer machine according to its function; in the mainland, according to people and its use is called blanking machine.

In the coastal areas of China, there are some corresponding titles for this kind of product. Such as Guangdong called taglio, called the Fujian press, Wenzhou called blanking machine, Shanghai called cutting machine, but also in some places called cutting machine, cutting machine, punching machine, shoe machine etc..

All these forms of address naturally form the keywords of the cutting machine. As a matter of fact, most people are still used to call it a cutting machine.