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Attention should be paid to the operation of leather hydraulic cutting machine

Apr 04, 2018

Attention should be paid to the operation of leather hydraulic cutting machine

1, when the cutter is set, it is necessary to relax the handwheel first and make the lever contact with the control switch. Otherwise, the set switch can not be set when the switch is set to ON.

2, when the work is done, the cutters should be placed in the center of the upper pressboard as far as possible, so as to avoid the unilateral wear and tear and the life of the machine.

3, replace the new cutting tool. If the height is different, please reset it according to the setting method. Precision four column cutting machine

4, when you cut the movement, please leave the cutting knife or chopping board, and do not use your hand to help the cutter die to avoid danger.

5, if the operator wants to leave the location temporarily, please turn off the motor switch so as to avoid damaging the machine by improper operation.

6, please avoid overloading, so as to avoid damaging the machine and reduce the service life.

1. Machine installation of leather hydraulic cutting machine

1., fix the machine horizontally on the flat cement floor, check whether the parts of the machine are intact and solid, and whether the line is smooth and effective.

2., remove stains and impurities on upper platen and working table.

3., 68# or 46# antiwear hydraulic oil is injected into the tank, and the oil surface should not be less than 25mm. above the filter screen.

4., connect to the 380V three-phase power supply, press the start button of the oil pump, adjust and maintain the direction of the motor to be aligned with the arrow.

Two. Operation description of leather hydraulic cutting machine

1., we first turn the depth controller to zero.

2., turn on the power switch, press the oil pump start button, and run for two minutes without any load to observe whether the system is normal.

3. stacking the push-pull plate, rubber plate, workpiece and knife mold in the middle of the worktable.

4. pair of tool die (knife die setting).

1. Loosening the handle of the knife, naturally falling and locking.

Switch right spin, ready to test.

Double click the green button to make the trial, and the blanking depth is controlled by fine adjustment.

4. Fine-tuning: turn the fine adjustment button, turn left to shallower and deepen dextral.

Stroke adjustment: the rotation rise height controller, the right-hand stroke increase, the left rotation stroke reduced, the stroke can be adjusted freely within the range of 50-200mm (or 50-250mm), and the top 50mm of the above pressure distance is suitable for the normal production.

Special note: every time we change the tool die, workpiece or backing plate, we must set the stroke to the knife again, otherwise, we will damage the die and backing plate.

5, the safety of leather hydraulic cutting machine:

(1) to ensure safety, the hands and other parts of the body are strictly prohibited in the blanking area. Before maintenance, the power supply must be closed and the wood or other hard objects are inserted in the blanking area to prevent out of control of the pressure plate after pressure relief and cause accidental personal injury.

2. In special circumstances, when the press plate needs to be recovered immediately, the reset button can be pressed and the power brake button (red button) is pressed and the whole system stops operating immediately.

3. When you operate, you must hit the two buttons on the pressboard with your hands. You can't change one hand or pedal operation at will.

Maintenance: keep the cleaning in the machine, clean the oil filter once a month, change the hydraulic oil once a year, and check the oil level in the machine before work. When it is below the specified level, the hydraulic oil should be supplemented with the same brand in the machine. When cutting, the workpiece should be placed in the center of the working area, so that all the machine tools will be evenly distributed and extend the service life of the machine from the surface.

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