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Burning paper embossing machine ink how to deploy

Nov 07, 2016

Limited pressure spent machine is a common of industrial equipment, today small series to introduced of is it of ink deployment problem. 1th, generally, pressure spent machine with of ink type more less on more easy control, so we as selection colors ink. 2nd, in printing of when to confirmed good main tones and auxiliary tones, don't make mixed, basic ink mainly tones. 3rd, in proofing of when to using same quality of paper, or is has may because paper difference ZAO into color changes. 4th, Ink layer of thick is effect ink color of a important factors. 5th, if need designed color ink words, need first out for of saturated hue, first playing a sample try try color, confirmed Yes zhihou, again using diluted agent to adjustment designed color. last is is to master good printing of law, ensure products quality not changes. Jinan moved company of experts think limited pressure spent machine of color problem is a compared important of problem, because this directly relationship with late products of effect.