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Cause of damage to motor of hydraulic cutting machine

Apr 08, 2018

Cause of damage to motor of hydraulic cutting machine

According to the past maintenance and maintenance process of Jiangsu Ponse Machinery Co., Ltd., it is found that the proportion of motor burning loss of hydraulic cutting machine is not in a small number, which directly leads to the production efficiency and time consumption of customers, which directly affects the work of the enterprise. Therefore, for the failure of motor of hydraulic cutting machine, our professional mechanic Commissioner summed up the following 3 points, which led to the destruction of Electromechanical.

1. A sudden power outage.

The hydraulic cutting machine is often suddenly cut off in operation, long repeated such, serious influence on the lower and lower pressure board can not get the correct control, so repeated restart lead to the motor can not bear, light transformer insurance burned, heavy motor failure.

Two, repeated start.

It is often found that some manufacturers use the machine operation because the feeding time is not enough, and they often stop for a few minutes and then start again. This frequent start up leads to the rise and fall, and the solenoid valve can not balance operation, resulting in the motor can not withstand failure.

Three. Heavy overload use

The hydraulic cutting machine has a set cutting power, if the overload operation machine will light the red light, long overloaded use leads to the upper and lower solenoid valves can not bear, directly affect the mechanical and electrical burn loss.