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Composition and control method of oil pressure cutting machine

Jan 03, 2018

Composition and control method of oil pressure cutting machine

The oil pressure cutting machine is composed of three basic parts.

1, the mechanical part is made up of fuselage, working mechanism and stroke adjustment device. The Longmen hydraulic cutting machine also includes a saddle mobile feed device and an automatic feeding device.

2, hydraulic system: the hydraulic pump, the actuator (hydraulic cylinder), the control element (pressure valve, Fang Xiangfa), auxiliary parts (filter, oil tank, pressure meter and so on).

3, control part: electrical control circuit including switch, relay, contactor and other components, and photoelectric safety protection devices installed by some cutting machines.

The stroke control of the oil pressure cutting machine includes two aspects: the upper limit position adjustment and the lower limit position control. There are several ways to adjust the upper limit position of its working organization.

1. Change the position of the stroke switch and adjust it with the mechanical - electric - hydraulic interlocking control. In twentieth Century 60~70's career, a lot of domestic production of hydraulic cutting machine is used in this way the upper limit position adjustment mechanism, in some new type cantilever hydraulic cutting machine has used the traditional hydraulic cutting machine using the machine - electric interlock control - liquid type methods, such as the German scbon company, 8LES, 8LEST, 8LE 8LEST and other models, but uses a contactless switch.

2, electric: the motor is adjusted by the mechanical drive mechanism with the power shaft plate, such as the hydraulic cutting machine of the Czech 06135/P1 type hydraulic pendulum arm device.

3, manual: a hand wheel is rotated, the spiral motion screw directly drives the vertical plate adjustment, such as the GSB-I type hydraulic cutting machine.

4, hydraulic: the hand wheel is rotated by a hydraulic automatic adjustment, servo system, hydraulic cutting machine Italy S series models.

There are two ways to control the lower limit position of the working mechanism of the hydraulic cutting machine.

1, switch control: by changing the schedule control of mechanical - Electrical - hydraulic interlock switch position, with the stroke switch contact or contactless switch is to control the lower limit position of stroke signal.

2, time control: the control method is through a delay circuit input signal delay output after the pick-up time so as to control the solenoid valve to achieve working stroke control, direct control button input trigger signal, there are changes through the hydraulic circuit pressure by the pressure sensor input trigger signal.