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Craftsman spirit concept cutting machine manufacturing [Ponse cutting machine]

Apr 20, 2018

Craftsman spirit concept cutting machine manufacturing [Ponse cutting machine]

What is the craftsman's mental cutting machine manufacturing:

The "craftsman spirit" is a kind of professional spirit. It is the embodiment of professional morality, professional ability and professional quality. It is a professional value orientation and behavior expression of the practitioner. The basic connotation of "craftsman spirit" includes dedication, lean, focus, innovation and so on.

Craftsmen like to constantly carve their own cutting machines, constantly improve their craft and enjoy the process of sublimation of their products in their hands. The craftsmen have high requirements for detail, pursuit of perfection and perfection, have persistent insistence and pursuit of fine quality, and raise the quality from 0 to 1.

The craftsman spirit is the important measure of the progress of the civilization of Ponse, the spiritual source of China's manufacturing, the brand capital of the enterprise's competition and development, and the moral guidance for the personal growth of the employees. "Craftsman spirit" is the pursuit of excellence in the spirit of creation, the spirit of excellence and the service spirit of customer foremost.