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Cutting machine specification [Ponse cutting machine]

Apr 19, 2018

1. first, the cutting depth controller is left-handed.

2. turn on the power switch, press the oil pump start button, cut off for two minutes, and observe whether the motor rotates clockwise.

3. stacking the pull plate, rubber plate and knife mold in the middle of the worktable in order.

4. tool setting:

A. loosens the handle of the knife.

B. set the switch to the right, and the upper platen automatically drops until it is stationary.

C. pull the handle up and down to the lowest position to lock.

D. twist the set switch to the left, and the upper pressure plate rises automatically.

E. press the green working button at both hands to make the test. The depth of the blanking is controlled by fine adjustment.

F. fine tuning: turn the fine adjustment button, turn left to reduce shallow, deepen dextral. (tailored to make a fine tune)

G. rising height adjustment: the rotational height controller, the right-hand stroke increases, and the left stroke reduces. When the normal production is done, the above pressing plate is better than the top of the die.