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Discussion on hydraulic cutting machine

Aug 09, 2018

Discussion on hydraulic cutting machine

1, hydraulic four column cutting machine, with strong structure and low power consumption, can provide excellent punching action and large pressure output. It is suitable for forming single or multi-layer leather with moulds.

Film, fiber, asbestos, cardboard, cork and other soft and tough composite materials are cut into the desired shape. It is widely used in shoe making, leather industry, blister packaging, toy industry and so on.

The industrial industry opens the cutting operation.

2. The perfect combination of advanced technology and excellent components makes the company's cutting machine have the following characteristics:

I. Adopting four-column mechanism design, the machine has strong rigidity and toughness, can effectively ensure the plane accuracy of the machine, and can maintain stable output of cutting force at any position of the cutting section.

Ii. double button actuating device ensures safe operation.

III. Cutting force fine-tuning device can quickly and arbitrarily obtain the best blanking pressure, and protect the die and extend the service life of the cutting board.

IV. when the pressing plate drops to 10 mm before the contact die at high speed, it automatically slows down the falling speed, so that the cutting performance is stable and the effect is more perfect.

V. central automatic lubrication system ensures accuracy of machine parts and improves machine durability.