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Do you know the internal structure of the tape cutting machine

Mar 27, 2018

The belt splitting machine is a mechanical device that cuts wide sheets of paper, mica tape or thin film into multiple narrow materials. The products will be different because of the raw materials and production processes of the manufacturers, so the price is also different.

Products have come into being with the demand of people, and technology is the foundation to promote the continuous progress of the products. The product has been constantly modified, and the performance has been greatly improved.

Structure of adhesive tape cutting machine

Paper tube central tape cutting machine is installed on the spindle of paper tube, the spindle front using a set of bearings fixed on the base, in the middle of a group of bearings installed pulley; near the base position is provided with a compression cylinder, the cylinder of the upper end of the support rod is provided with a set of supporting rod bearing support spindle.

In the end of paper tube tape cutting machine is installed on the main shaft, and a plurality of blades arranged in the gap, and according to a certain arrangement; support shaft at the top knife paper tube tape cutting machine is also provided, in support of the support frame is arranged between the cylinder.

The birth of the belt cutter has brought many conveniences to human life, and the product is not static, but is constantly innovating along with the development of technology. The structural advantages of the tape cutting machine fill the blank of the automatic pipe cutting machine.

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