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Do you know the working principle and performance of dry compound machine?

Apr 02, 2018

Today, this article collects and shares the concepts of dry compound machine and leather microfiber composite machine. You may as well take a look, maybe you will get some harvest.

The dry compound is like a razor, which is fixed on a fixed tool holder with a single blade or a double-sided blade. In the course of the operation of the material, the knife will fall, so that the knife cuts the material longitudinally to achieve the purpose of cutting.

When the material is running in the knife groove roll, the cutting tool falls in the slot of the knife groove roll, and the material is cut longitudinally in the slot. At this time, the material has a certain wrapping angle in the knife slot roll, and it is not easy to drift. Then cut the casting PP film or film material is narrow, the common cutting method, can improve the cutting efficiency.

But for suspension slitting, its disadvantage is that it is inconvenient to match knives.

Leather microfiber composite machine, as the name suggests, is a machine that compacts PU leather and microfiber. Usually, they are glued to two by hot melt adhesive, so they are also called leather superfine hot melt adhesive compound machine.

PU is polyurethane. The polyurethane leather itself has excellent properties. After adding superfine fiber, the toughness and permeability and wear resistance of the polyurethane are further strengthened. No doubt, such a finished product has excellent performance.

The superfibrous skin is also called the regenerated skin. It is the fibrous tissue of the base imitates the dermis, and the dermal imitation leather is produced by the surface modification of the dermis. The dermis is very similar to the dermis, and the feel is a bit hard. It is difficult for the outsider to distinguish the dermis or the regenerated skin.

It has excellent wear resistance, excellent cold resistance, breathability and aging resistance. The price of the product is almost the same as that of the genuine leather, and it also has the air permeability, the tensile strength, the abrasion resistance and the environmental protection performance are better than the genuine leather.

In developed countries, due to the influence of animal protection organizations and the mature technology of regenerated skin, the difference between the regenerated skin and the dermis is becoming smaller and smaller, and even the performance of some aspects is more than the dermis, making the application of the regenerated skin more and more wide.

The increase in use has in turn promoted the continuous development of the regenerative skin technology. As the main technology, the leather Superfiber hot melt adhesive composite technology has also made great progress. The market prospect of the leather Superfiber hot melt adhesive composite machine is also very broad.

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