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Embossing machine features

Nov 07, 2016

Embossing machines are mainly used for all kinds of fabric, embossed, crushed, trademarks, or in a non-woven cloth or leather, pressure marks on the paper. Embossing machines are using embossing techniques, use of physical and chemical methods, plant material, as well as the roots, stems, leaves, flowers and so on these sites through different chemical or physical dewatering, pressing and drying process, can make us more common decorative painting, daily necessities and other plant products, in fact it already belongs to an art. Stainless steel spring and tell everyone about embossing machine characteristics, embossing machines is an l-shaped structure design, so can be used for effective conservation covers an area of, space can make a good save, embossing machine has infinite variable frequency speed control system, operation is very stable and is also convenient for debugging. Embossing machines are notable characteristic is that whole machine adopts modular design, so for parts replacement is very easy.