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Embossing machine vibration box description

Nov 07, 2016

What is pressure spent machine, believes has many people also not very of understand, this actually is a used to for pressure spent of equipment, this equipment now of using range is very widely of, regardless of is in clothing industry also is in toy processing and so on industry, this equipment of using are is very common of. for staff for, if wants to better of understand this equipment words, on need timely of for equipment of some auxiliary parts for understand, in understand has principle zhihou, Staff only can more easy of operation this pressure spent equipment. amplitude display of main function is for ultrasonic vibration child and steel die Zhijian of amplitude for adjustment, through adjustment this equipment of knob can makes degrees occurred changes, generally, adjustment to 50 following is price right of. protection film of production manufacturers said, ammeter main is used to for ultrasonic of work current for test, if this ammeter in no-load State, that often said equipment of welding head and system in resonance State.