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Embossing machines for practical application

Nov 07, 2016

People for material of pursuit increasingly more has, and is in rose of trend, especially beautiful this while, many people are special focused on appearance of beauty, especially in some clothing and daily supplies among, if just separate of a items, people using time long has zhihou on will appeared tired of of phenomenon, to avoid this situation of occurred, people can in clothing or other daily supplies among using pressure spent machine for processing, to let original very monotone of clothing became more beautiful fashion, Currently using of pressure spent machine are is ultrasonic pressure spent machine, it in using Shi more has a efficient of suture and pressure spent of role, and in using Shi on many things are can for processing, so it of applicability can special strong, and production processing of efficiency also special high, can using Yu different needle accessories for processing, melt side processing Flash,. Shanghai automation instrument four factory production manufacturers told we, currently pressure spent machine can widely application Yu clothing, toy, food, masks, industry among.