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Embossing roller should care

Nov 07, 2016

Pressure spent roll is composition pressure spent machine of a important parts, it is pressure spent of main equipment one of, General pressure spent roll using long has zhihou pressure spent effect will became compared poor, then if wants to recovery it of effect on must on it for cleaned up cleaning program, like except rust, to oil and so on, ensure machine clean. addition compared effective of a method is on machine for spray sand processing, it can increased pressure spent roll surface of rough degree, improve stick received interface to surface area of range, Is improve surface pattern and pressure spent roll of combined efforts. this method for pattern of effect has is good of auxiliary role. then we also should to note usually don't let machine contact water or some has corrosion sex of liquid, such will caused pressure spent roll rust, especially in summer this compared wet of weather, so to often wipe, keep surface of dry degrees. last Shanghai company registered enterprise also to told everyone of is usually also to carefully cleanup about pattern in the of debris.