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Factors restricting the development of bilateral automatic feed cutting machine industry in China

Mar 15, 2018

The overall level of China's bilateral automatic cutting machine behind the developed countries, the fundamental reason is that some key skills is not enough, so in the development process, the domestic manufacturers also need to further enhance their technical level and design concept. In the future, the new packaging models with intelligent and automatic functions will gradually replace the traditional ones and become the mainstream. This is an effective way to get the sustainable development of the non enterprise, and it is also the ultimate goal of the technological reform.

Industry experts suggest that the bilateral automatic feeder and cutting machine industry should only use the close proximity to users, technological innovation and independent research and development to replace the traditional mode of introducing and copying blindly, so that China's packaging industry will develop healthily. At present, the industry is facing a new round of structural adjustment and upgrading of technology and upgrading of products. Domestic companies need to innovate and digest deeply, and develop a company with a pragmatic mentality and enhance competitiveness, so that they become giants in the industry.

Nowadays, the trend of intelligence and automation in the industry is very obvious. Although our country is a large country in the production of mechanical equipment, the strength in these two aspects is still relatively weak, and there is no way to adapt to the current production demand. Our country must push the industry to transform to high-end production, work hard in automation control and intelligent operation, and actively attack the first-class level of the industry.

The non pass of the technology will directly lead to the low grade of the bilateral automatic feed cutting machine. China's machinery and equipment products have always been in the middle and low grade, and the serious problem of homogeneity began to become more and more obvious. The lack of high-end products directly makes our products in the market competition in a disadvantageous state.