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Garment embossing machine knowledge

Nov 07, 2016

Simple for, clothing pressure spent machine actually is a for clothing production process in the of pressure spent equipment, certainly not only production clothing, in some hat factory, bags handbags factory also has embroidery factory and so on, this equipment of using is very common of. to adapted different of production need, this clothing pressure spent machine also has many different of type, compared common of has clothing linear vibration friction pressure spent machine, this machine in using of when, two a stay welder pieces of surface will produced friction, This friction reached must of time and strength zhihou artifacts Zhijian of temperature on will rose, until temperature reached has welding of requirements zhihou, this friction on will notification then for welding, certainly in welding of when pressure spent machine also is will to this two artifacts pressure, this pressure can help equipment of welding surface in a compared short of time inside for cooling curing to reached close combined of eventually results. aluminum tube production manufacturers of related staff said, except above of equipment, Clothing Rotary embossing machines are also relatively common.