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How can the machine be used for a long time?

Apr 04, 2018

In order to make the cutting machine used for a long time, we must be necessary to mention the maintenance of the cutting machine, because in the process of using the machine, the parts will have various kinds of wear, erosion, fatigue, deformation, aging and so on, which can easily lead to the decrease of precision, the decrease of the function and the quality of the product, which will cause the equipment shutdown when the situation is severe.

What do we do every day to protect the machine from normal operation?

1, the daily inspection of the cutting machine

The main contents of every day are to check the vibration, abnormal sound, loosening, Wen Sheng, pressure, flow and so on. It is generally possible to judge the function and working state of the machine from the aspects of the senses, simple instruments, and the state of the processed products from the appearance of the transshipment to the state.

Two. The cutting machine is often lubricated

Roller skating is to reduce the wear and tear of machine and avoid important faults. We mainly do everyday.

1, fixed-point: determine the lubrication parts, lubrication points and checkpoints of the equipment.

2, set quality: in accordance with the instructions in the designated machine oil grade oil.

3, quantitative: determine the amount of oil in the lubrication part of the equipment, prevent oil spill and manage equipment leakage.

4, regular: in accordance with the provisions of the time machine in the specification, add oil and gas cleaning oil, ensure timely lubrication.

5, determine the person: determine the lubrication operator or maintenance workers, the responsibility to people.

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