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How do cutting machines work?

Jun 21, 2017

How do cutting machines work?

Hydraulic drive: it uses hydraulic oil as media, through the power components (oil pump) will be the original idea of the mechanical energy into hydraulic oil pressure, and then through the process of control components, and then with the implementation of components (cylinder or oil motor) pressure Can be converted into mechanical energy, drive the load to achieve a straight line or rotary activities, and through the control of remote control and control of the flow of components, adjust the force and speed of the implementation of components. When outside of the system has been disturbed, the implementation of the components of the output as usual to deviate from the original set value, certain error happened.

Hydraulic control: hydraulic transmission, the system also includes dynamic components, control components and the implementation of components, but also through the oil reported power. The difference between the two points is that the hydraulic control has a feedback assembly. It is carried out by the output of the component (displacement, velocity, force, etc.). The feedback is done with the input (which can be changed, and so can be constant) The use of the shortcomings to control the system, so that the output of the implementation of the input with the amount of change or change the link constant. It is a closed-loop hydraulic transmission system, also known as hydraulic servo system or hydraulic servo system.

The top of the hydraulic drive system is the use of open-type or logic control elements, on its control policy, is to set the value of the stability of the stability or pure conversion target, also known as the value of temperature order control components.

Hydraulic control system is the top of the servo control components, with feedback structure, and with electrical assembly control, a higher degree of control accuracy and response speed, the control of the pressure and flow often change. Output power can be put on.

Proportional control is between the above two kinds of control, the use of proportional control valve is in the open-type control elements and servo control components on the basis of the development of a new type of electro-hydraulic control components, both the above two Some of the features of the class components are used for hand-held control, which do not require requirements, but there is no need for servo valves to be subject to severe pollution control requirements for hydraulic systems.