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How does the cutting machine shock? [Ponse machine]

Apr 23, 2018

How does the cutting machine shock? [Ponse machine]

In the past few years, the vibration damping of Ponse cutting machine, which is placed in the high floor, is becoming more and more concerned. Since it involves the problem of vibration, we should first make clear that the equipment is placed on the third floor of the two building or even higher floor, and how much vibration is borne by the high floor. What kind of equipment shock absorber should be used to isolate such vibration? What kind of shock absorber is best suited to the Ponse cutting machine it is using now? Is air cushion shock absorber rubber shock absorber or ordinary machine tool pad?

How to measure vibration and vibration isolation by placing a high floor equipment in Ponse cutting machine:

Ponse cutting machine is widely used in leather goods, shoe industry, textile, printing, packaging and other industries. Its working principle is to cut out the product shape required by the impact of the mould up and down. The pressure on the top and bottom collision ranges from 30-200T, so the pressure generated during the production process is very large, resulting in very obvious vibration.

The vibration factors are determined by several 1. speeds and 2. accelerations and 3 displacements. The speed and acceleration are not very fast, so we mainly judge the strength of the vibration from the displacement of the vibration.

Therefore, we can choose air cushion shock absorber, rubber shock absorber and ordinary machine tool pad according to the floor structure and tonnage of the machine.