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How does the hydraulic system of the cutting machine compare the quality?

Apr 23, 2018

How does the hydraulic system of the cutting machine compare the quality?

An important standard for the good and bad quality of the precision four - column hydraulic cutting machine is the advantages and disadvantages of its hydraulic system. Then which parts are determined by the advantages and disadvantages of the hydraulic system of the hydraulic cutting machine?

1. Hydraulic pump

The hydraulic pump is the heart of the hydraulic system, and the hydraulic oil needs to flow into the system through the pump pressure. The standard 40 ton model should adopt 41 large displacement hydraulic pumps to ensure the high pressure stable output of hydraulic oil by low standard manufacturers with 36 second gear pumps or even lower, and the pressure is difficult to ensure stability.

Two, hydraulic valve

Domestic brands of hydraulic components have been rising rapidly in recent years, but there is still a big gap between imported brands and quality brands.

Due to the long-term high pressure and frequent use of hydraulic cutting machine system, the high standard hydraulic cutting machine enterprises still use imported hydraulic components.

Low standard manufacturers need not say, bully buyers do not understand, all kinds of poor quality components can be blown up.

Three. Design of hydraulic system

When the hydraulic press works, the hydraulic oil passes through the tank - oil pump - tubing - hydraulic valve - oil cylinder - and then back to the tank. This whole process completes the blanking operation, requiring a hydraulic circuit that is as efficient, smooth and free of leakage as possible. If the design of the hydraulic circuit is not reasonable, all kinds of switch heads are disorderly, the inner wall of the oil pipe will be worn out under the action of the hydraulic oil air separation pressure and the saturated steam pressure for a long time, and the wear of the tubing causes vicious cycle, so the machine voice is getting bigger and more pressure is smaller and various leaks also appear.