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How many classifications of the composite machine do you know

Mar 23, 2018

The composite machine is a general name. What categories does it have?

Classification is: hot melt adhesive composite machine, hot melt adhesive film composite machine, fabric composite machine, mesh belt type composite machine, etc.

Requirements for fabric compactor

A, special custom machine (limited width is 300-2000mm) according to the different requirements of the customer.

B, the working speed is proportional to the material of the coating, coating thickness, the length of the oven and the drying temperature.

C, oven heating conditions are: electric heating, steam heating, heating furnace for customers to choose.

D and coating methods are: reticulated roll coating, double roll coating, three roll coating, five roll coating, comma blade coating, air knife coating and so on for customer selection.

The forms of E and retractable stand are: manual lifting single station, hydraulic lifting single station, electric turnover double station, electric zipper, climbing double station, electric turn wheel type double station and so on, for customers to choose.

Film characteristics of coated composite machine

Widely used in coating packaging materials, frozen food, dried food, medicine and daily necessities and composite, but also can be used to smooth the surface of the aluminum foil glass paper polyamide and polyethylene and polypropylene composite film, composite film has the advantages of high strength, waterproof, breathable, anti oil, refrigeration, cooking etc..

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