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How to automatically drop the hydraulic cutting machine? [have been solved]

Aug 08, 2018

How to automatically drop the hydraulic cutting machine? [have been solved]

The automatic slide of the Ponse cutting machine means that the workbench automatically slides down in standby mode.

There are several reasons for the automatic slide of Ponse cutting machine.

First, the leakage of the solenoid valve

Solenoid valve leakage can not lock the hydraulic oil in the hydraulic system, hydraulic oil slowly from the pipe loss, the worktable will naturally slide due to self-weight. Solenoid valve leakage after the general replacement of electromagnetic valve failure immediately disappeared.

Second, oil cylinder seal ring damage

It is difficult to judge the damage of the cylinder seal. The common method is to slide down other problems, and then consider the leakage of the cylinder seal. However, the small editor also gives a specific method of investigation. This method is more accurate; two blocks of wood (equal height) are placed on the workbench and the solenoid valve connection plug is pulled out (you can also be used. Pull open the relay in the distribution cabinet, and drop the spool to let the worktable fall on the wood, then remove the oil pipe in the lower chamber of the oil cylinder, and then pressure the lower valve to see if there is any hydraulic oil out of the lower chamber of the cylinder. If there is no proof of the oil cylinder, it will prove that the oil cylinder seal is damaged (of course, you have to have a certain machine. " A repair base can be done.

Third. Leakage at the tubing or joint

Better check for leaks at tubing or joints. Open the shield around the machine and pressurize to see if each tubing or joint leaks.