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How to change oil by the cutting machine

Apr 10, 2018

How to change oil by the cutting machine

1. when changing oil, the hydraulic oil in the tank should be released. After the oil tank and filter are cleaned strictly, the new oil is added through the filter and the oil pump is started to discharge the old oil in the system using the new oil. The old oil discharged should not be returned to the tank, but it should be introduced into the other oil storage containers until the old oil in the pipes is discharged and the new oil is out of the oil. When changing the oil, we should pay attention to replenishing the oil in the fuel tank, so as to prevent the oil pump from emptied. It is strictly forbidden to mix new and old oil, otherwise, the life of hydraulic oil will be greatly reduced.

2., the best oil temperature should be kept at 3050 when working oil temperature.

When the oil temperature is too low, the viscosity of the oil is too big, not only makes the pump difficult to breathe, and the flow loss is great, it may also make the pump discharge pressure over, motor overload, even the pipe or joint burst. Therefore, the oil temperature is not allowed to start when the temperature is below 10. When the oil temperature is less than 101, the oil should be circulated without load in the system until the oil temperature rises to more than 101. The hydraulic deck machinery must be paid attention to in winter starting.

The oil temperature is too high, the viscosity decreases, the volumetric efficiency decreases, and it will cause bad lubrication, even the parts are stuck due to thermal expansion. In addition, high oil temperature will accelerate oxidation and shorten service life.

The inlet temperature is not allowed to exceed 60. When the oil temperature is above 70=, the hydraulic equipment should not be used. When ambient temperature is out of date and hydraulic deck machinery works continuously and heavily, special attention should be paid to oil temperature.

3., control leakage and leakage, cause oil loss and efficiency decrease, and pollute the environment, so that the system can't work normally. Therefore, the sealing elements of each sealing part should be regularly checked and strengthened, and the damaged seals can be replaced in time to eliminate the abnormal leakage. Regular check in operation and oil level in working tank can help to judge leakage and find a large amount of water mixed.

4. in the work, it is found that the managers should keep the strict and serious work attitude, develop good inspection, listen and see the indignation. In the use of the hydraulic system, we should observe the speed of the hydraulic actuator and the vibration of abnormal noise.

5., during the shutdown of the system, the hydraulic system with stop operation will be checked once a month. Notice whether the safety protection device and electrical insulation are normal or not, the lubricating oil and grease should be added to the hinge bearing pulley and other exposed friction parts at the time intervals and parts specified in the instructions.