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How to choose a cutting machine

Apr 10, 2018

How to choose a cutting machine

Since the reform and opening up, with the development of economy, Ponse machinery's demand for cutting machines has been improving. The cutting machine is one of the indispensable equipment in some light industry. It is the machine that uses the force of machine movement to press the tool and cutting the material. So how does the cutting machine choose?

1. Choose a brand correctly

As one of the productivity market products, the cutting machine is used for reproduction, such as the production of insoles, labor insurance supplies, toy supplies, gloves cutting and so on. Consumers have higher requirements for their quality assurance and after-sales service. Consumers want to buy a reassuring cutting machine, and only choose a brand cutting machine. Fujian Luojiang Tai Long Machinery Co., Ltd. registered its trademark in 2010, and made its own brand protection. He is an old brand, but also a reassuring brand.

2. Choose a company correctly

In twenty-first Century, it was known as the era of knowledge explosion, and all kinds of information were transmitted to consumers through newspapers, magazines, TV, radio and Internet. Although users of Ponse cutting machine can get the information of cutting machine manufacturers through various channels, they don't know how to choose a company correctly. The right choice of a company is not only conducive to ensuring product quality, but also to enjoy better after-sales service. The Ponse user can judge by the phone, the Internet, the old customer's reaction to the company's business license, the tax registration certificate, the organization code certificate and so on. Especially the business license can be obtained by fax or scanned.

3. A correct selection of a cutting machine

How to correctly choose a cutting machine that is the most suitable for yourself, some people think that the cheapest price can be the most suitable for themselves, some people think the most expensive is the most suitable for themselves. These two points of view are all wrong and incorrect. Most suitable for our own cutting machine, we should judge from the highest cost performance. What is the highest cost performance? In a word, it is the most suitable cutting machine for its own product characteristics. Just like choosing a truck in everyday life, how many tonnages of cars are ready to carry multiple goods, which is a big waste of oil and a small load of goods. Many customers are confused. I don't know how much tonnage cutter I want to choose. Ponse machinery has professional testing equipment, so long as you deliver the mold and materials to us. We'll help you with the rest. The best is the best. In short, the right choice of a cutting machine is to choose the right type and the suitable tonnage.

4. Correct selection of full automatic and semi-automatic

During the four years of selling a cutting machine, I often meet with some customers, and say, is your machine fully automatic / semi-automatic? We will ask him what to do, and then give them reasonable advice. Before I talk about how to choose the right or semi-automatic way, I will explain it automatically and semiautomatically. As the name implies, automatization is that all processes or most processes are automated, and semi-automatic is automatic. Customer requirements automation, most of the cost is considered, because the cost is very high, but the full automatic disadvantage is that he is arranged according to the computer process, more rigid. The customer can save some manpower cost by using the automatic cutting machine, but it will waste a lot of materials. Choose fully automatic or semi-automatic, consumers can choose from the relationship between human cost and material cost. If the cost of manpower is greater than the cost of material, the choice is fully automatic, and vice versa.

5. Correctly judge the hardware and software of the cutting machine

When selecting the cutting machine, Ponse cutting machine should pay much attention to the hardware and software of the cutting machine besides considering factors such as brand, manufacturer and so on. From the hardware point of view, whether a machine is a good cutting machine can be considered from its weight, solenoid valve, oil cylinder, steel plate thickness, and so on. At present, most of the accessories of the manufacturer are imported from Japan and Taiwan. Judging from a software point of view, whether a machine is good, the cutting machine can be considered from the aspects of after-sale service, technical consultation and so on.