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How to choose a plastic cutting machine?

Aug 08, 2018

How to choose a plastic cutting machine?

How to choose a plastic cutting machine?

Introduction of plastic products:

The plastic products are mainly made of high quality plastic materials such as PVC, PET, PP, PS, GAG, and flocking. It produces high grade and various specifications of electronic plastic packaging, stationery type plastic packaging, toy plastic packaging, hardware plastic packaging, food plastic packaging, daily chemical gift craftwork packaging. Blister packaging is superior, inexpensive, and can beautify your products and attract more customers.

The advantages of plastic packaging:

First, plastic packaging can improve the price and image of the product itself. At the same time, it also has the role of molding and spreading. It has a great influence on the brand image and popularity of the enterprise.

Two, plastic packaging is also to display, protect the product for the purpose of packaging products are mostly small goods, can be placed or suspended in the supermarket shelves, so that your products are perfectly displayed in front of customers to promote the sales of products.

Three, plastic packaging to separate, shockproof, foil for the purpose of packaging products are mostly electronic, IT, industrial parts, toys, stationery, food, crafts and cosmetics, etc., can be packaged and small products, so that the product is more overall beautiful.

Suction packaging hydraulic cutting machine:

The characteristic of the plastic packaging cutter is that the pressure in the cylinder does not reach the rated pressure when the cutting head acts on the processed material through the tool die. The pressure will increase with the increase of the contact time, until the electromagnetic reversing valve receives the signal, changes the direction of the valve, and the cutting head starts to reset. When the pressure in the oil cylinder is limited by the pressure of the cylinder, it may not reach the rated pressure value; that is to say, the pressure of the system has not reached the design value, and the punching is completed.

It is widely used in leather and shoes, handbags and bags, gloves and hats, crafts and silk flowers, embroidery, jigsaw and card making, plastic and packaging, printing and paper, stationery, plastic chemical, automobile and electronics and other light industry industries.