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How to choose the tonnage of the hydraulic cutting machine?

Jul 30, 2018

How to choose the tonnage of the hydraulic cutting machine?      The tonnage of Ponse hydraulic cutting machine is selected according to the perimeter of the die and the material of the product. The working process of Ponse Cutting Machine is a machine that presses and cuts the material into the desired shape by means of the instantaneous pressure of the machine motion. Because of its wide range of uses, customers need to change the shape and size. The pressure of various tonnage cutting machines is different due to the displacement of the oil pump and the diameter of the cylinder. Therefore, be careful when selecting, so as to avoid unnecessary losses.        In fact, when you choose the cutting machine, you must first locate your own processing technology, such as a knife die or a full-page punching. Many customers mistakenly believe that our Ponse cutting machine work surface can be punched out. In fact, this is a misunderstanding. According to the experiment of our technology research and development department, our machine can process 5 tons of pressure according to the one-meter cutting line when processing conventional materials. I believe that it is easy to understand. Depending on the material, of course, the actual situation is still based on the test machine. Our Ponse cutting machine can be tested free of charge to customers around the world. The so-called knives refer to the dimensions of all the blades of our die.      Some customers don't understand. When choosing a hydraulic cutting machine, they only consider the price factor. They always think that the same tonnage machine can press the reason why you have so many machines. It can be pressed at the beginning, I don’t know how long it takes. Other machines will produce insufficient pressure, or oil leakage, or the oil pump will rupture, so that the maintenance cost of the machine is large, and the oil cutting machine has a greater loss of scrapping. Therefore, in terms of investment, choosing the right product for you is truly creating benefits for yourself.