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How to distinguish the quality of the cutting machine? [Ponse cutting machine]

Apr 26, 2018

How to distinguish the quality of the cutting machine? [Ponse cutting machine]

Now there are many manufacturers of market cutting machines, and the prices vary. Some of the cutting machines do not look any different. But the price is quite different. The most important reason is the different internal parts and machine quality.

For example:

One, some machine body machine tools are used as raw materials for raw materials, and the plastic hose used in the internal tubing (the quality of the market is generally used in the general steel pipe).

Two, machine itself structural parts processing precision is not the same, machine itself is the movement of some parts of the operation, in the operation of high precision can not guarantee the life of the machine will be shorter, the failure will come out.

Three, another important reason is the product after sale, and the good machine will also appear or big or small failure, some small processing manufacturers called after sale is dragging no professional after sales personnel, it is difficult to solve the customer's urgent, the failure of every delay one day to the customers believe that everyone is more than I They are clearer.

Four. The rational design of the internal structure of the cutting machine determines the service life of the machine and the stability of the machine performance.

Five, cutting the difference between the oil circuit and the electronic control parts. The faults of the general cutter are all found in the two parts.