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How to install embossing machine

Nov 07, 2016

Using this pressure spent machine, can for various fabric or is leather also has aluminum Board and so on material for pressure spent pressure bubble pressure wrinkle and pressure trademark and so on of processing. to guarantee equipment has better of using effect, so staff must to according to requirements for right of installation. in installation of zhiqian, to first for equipment for based of check work, if in check Shi found equipment village Ah damaged or is parts missing of situation must to timely contact manufacturers replaced. because this equipment of shell metal content than more, So in installation of when must to guarantee equipment for good of grounding processing. to prevent appeared dangerous, in will equipment connection power zhiqian, must to timely of will equipment of switch off, certainly also to note equipment of rated voltage should and provides of voltage keep consistent. registered Shanghai company of related staff said, in connection air pipeline of when must to guarantee will pipeline and not containing lubricant of clean air compression source for connection.