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How to install ultrasonic embossing machine

Nov 07, 2016

Ultrasonic pressure spent machine and was called ultrasonic lace machine, this is a can for efficient of suture also has pressure spent of equipment, using this equipment production out of produced has better of water key sex, and not need using needle for auxiliary seal side, compared Yu other of equipment, this equipment not only production efficiency high, and production out of products quality also better, so regardless of is clothing toy industry also is in masks production and so on industry, this equipment are has very widely of using. to guarantee equipment can normal of using, In for this ultrasonic pressure spent machine for installation of when operation personnel on must to followed corresponding of installation rules. II oxidation chlorine generator of production manufacturers said, in installation zhiqian, staff first need do of is for equipment for check, in determine equipment no problem zhihou only can for further of operation. in placed equipment of when, should to note will equipment placed of compared flat compared hard of ground Shang, such do is prevent equipment in placed of process suddenly fell to caused damaged.