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How to set the cutting machine? [Ponse cutting machine]

Apr 26, 2018

How to set the cutting machine? [Ponse cutting machine]

Cutting machine tool setting:

1, remove the sundries on the work table mat.

2, right spin "power switch", click "oil pump start", the "cut depth" knob left to zero, respectively, with both hands to press 2 disconnector, run several times, will set the slider loose.

3. Place the cut material and knife die in the center of the backing plate.

4, turn the cutter "mold setting" switch on the right side, cutting the pressure plate, which starts slowly down to the knife die and then automatically stops.

5. Move the set slider up and down and put it to the bottom and lock it up.

6, turn the "knife mold setting" switch to the left, and the cutting board will instantly rise to the highest position.

The cutting pressure setting of the cutting machine:

1. After the tool setting work is completed, the material is placed on the cushion plate, then the cutter die is placed on the material, and then the feeder plate is pushed into the cutting area.

2, press 2 work switches (green buttons) with both hands. At this time, the cutting press will be lowered and pressurized to the tool die. After cutting the material, the material automatically rises to the position before starting.

3. When the material is blanked, the cutting depth controller is adjusted and the "cut depth" knob is rotated in the clockwise direction when it is found that the material is not completely cut. Turn the amplitude, try to adjust to the die slightly pressed into the pad.

Setting up the height of the cutting machine:

The rising height knob controls the rising height of the upper pressboard; the higher the knob value is, the higher the rising height is, and remember that this value can not be "0".