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How to solve the common faults of oil pressure cutting machine and how to solve it

Aug 09, 2018

How to solve the common faults of oil pressure cutting machine and how to solve it

The maintenance of hydraulic cutting machine is the general name of two kinds of operations for machine maintenance and repair. Maintenance is a daily activity to maintain the technical performance of the equipment. Repair is an activity to troubleshoot and restore the technical performance of the equipment.

In the use of the cutting machine, because of the various wear, corrosion, fatigue, deformation, aging and other phenomena, the precision is reduced, the performance is reduced, and the quality of the product will be reduced. When the situation is serious, the equipment will stop. The maintenance of the machine is a technical activity adopted to maintain and repair the machine, to reduce the degree of its deterioration, to prolong the service life, to maintain or restore the functions specified by the machine. The operation of the hydraulic cutting machine includes checking, adjusting, lubricating, finding abnormal phenomena, processing and reporting in time. In order to ensure the normal operation of the machine, reduce wear and tear, protect precision and prolong service life, it must be reasonable lubrication, maintenance and maintenance.

Requirements for maintenance and maintenance of oil pressure cutting machine:

The daily maintenance of the hydraulic cutting machine is the responsibility of the operator. Operators must be familiar with equipment structure and observe operation and maintenance procedures.

1, before the start of work (shift or interrupt work) check the main parts of the machine, add lubricating oil.

2. Use the equipment strictly according to the operation rules of the equipment in class, pay attention to observe the operation of the equipment, find problems and deal with or report them in time.

3. Before the end of each shift, a cleaning operation should be carried out, and lubricating oil on each friction surface and bright surface should be applied.

4. The machine will be cleaned and checked every two weeks under normal two shifts.

5. If the machine wants to be put aside for a long time, it should wipe all the bright surfaces clean and apply rust-proof oil, and cover the whole machine with plastic cover.

6. No improper tools and unreasonable beating methods should be used when assembling and disassembling machines.

7. Change the hydraulic oil regularly (once a year) to check whether the filter mesh is blocked and cracked, and whether the components of the cylinder have oil leakage. It can be installed directly without acid cleaning and rust removal.

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