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How to solve the problem of low speed crawling of the hydraulic cylinder of a cutting machine

Jan 02, 2018

1, the hydraulic cylinder of the hydraulic pressure cutting machine has the low speed crawling generated by the gas in the rod cavity and the rod cavity. It can achieve the purpose of exhausting by running the hydraulic cylinder repeatedly. If necessary, the exhaust device is set up in the two cavity of the pipeline or the hydraulic cylinder, and the exhaust is carried out when the hydraulic system works.

2, hydraulic cutting machine hydraulic cylinder design gap caused by improper crawling, sliding between the correct design of internal hydraulic cylinder piston and cylinder, piston rod and guide sleeve with the gap, the gap with the theory for H9 / N or H9 / F8, there are H8 / F8; according to the author's experience. The hydraulic cylinder bore and rod diameter from small to large, such as the design of clearance, for large bore (or 200mm?) and the rod diameter (more than 140mm) with the gap is the gap is too large, should be the actual process, the hydraulic cylinder of the hydraulic cylinder bore smaller phenomenon appeared, the foreign hydraulic cylinder sliding surface gap with the general design for the 0.05mm to 0.15mm, from the actual results, crawl of the hydraulic cylinder was obviously improved . The hydraulic cylinder on the large diameter and suggested the use of this method

3, cutting machine hydraulic cylinder guide element friction caused by inhomogeneous crawling, recommend using metal as a guide and support, such as QT500 - 7, ZQAL9 - 4, such as the use of non metal support ring, suggested the use of non metal support ring in the oil good dimensional stability, especially small expansion coefficient heat, in addition to supporting ring thickness, must strictly control the uniformity of size and thickness tolerances.

Hydraulic cutting machine, 4 cylinder to seal material of low speed. In conditions permitting, to give priority to the use of Teflon as the combination seal ring, such as the commonly used glyd ring, stepseal and so on; such as the selection of lip seal, the seal material is preferably recommended Ding Qing rubber or similar materials. It can follow.

5, problems affecting the machining precision parts processing, should strictly control the inner wall of the cylinder and the piston rod surface precision in the manufacturing process of hydraulic cylinder hydraulic cutting machine, especially the geometric accuracy, especially the linearity is the key, in the domestic processing technology, processing based on the surface of the piston rod of the car after grinding, ensuring little line the degree of problem, but for the processing of the inner wall of the cylinder body, a lot of the processing method, a boring, boring - rolling - honing, honing directly, but because the basic level of domestic materials than foreign gap, tube blank straightness, uneven thickness, hardness and other factors, often directly affect the inner wall of the cylinder body after processing the straightness, it is proposed to use the boring, boring - rolling - honing process, such as direct honing, you must first improve the straightness of the pipe blank.