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Hydraulic cutting machine oil pump introduction [Ponse cutting machine]

Jun 25, 2018

Hydraulic cutting machine oil pump introduction [Ponse cutting machine]

The hydraulic oil pump consists of four parts, the pump body, the rectangular oil tank, the press, and the ultra high pressure steel wire woven hose. The joint has three types of straight through, self sealing and fast joint.


1, small volume, light, easy to use, high working pressure.

2. Single stage pumping station: simple structure, which can obtain greater working pressure.

3, two stage pump station: low pressure, high and low pressure pump at the same time oil supply, you can get a larger output flow. When high pressure is applied, the low pressure pump is automatically returned to the oil by unloading relief valve. Reduce power consumption.

4. Keep pressure function: under the condition of no leakage of external oil circuit, stop the pump for 5 minutes, and the rated pressure drop no more than 5Mpa.

Working principle:

The tank is connected with the atmosphere, there is a sealed volume, the seal volume can be alternately changed, there is an oil matching device. When repairing, you should pay attention to the cause of wear and tear, especially to check the axle / bearing. After repair, attention should be paid to prevent the leakage of the gear end face.