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Introduction of the functional control of Ponse cutting machine

Aug 09, 2018

Introduction of the functional control of Ponse cutting machine

Power instructions:

When you start the machine, you have to see the power supply.


Every time a cut is made, the machine counter automatically records the record display of the cut, from which the number of times the work can be seen.

Setting instructions:

Left and right records.

Set the relay:

Oil pump contactor:

Oil pump operation instructions:

Decline assistance:

Cutting depth time:

Rising assistance:

Rising height time:

Descending solenoid valve:

Rising solenoid valve:

Rising solenoid valve:

Fast solenoid valve:

The above indicator button is the unique design of Jiangsu Ponse Machine. The blueprint of the machine will be clearer through the operation of some machine function buttons described above.

With the functions described above, it will be easier to know the cause of the fault if there is a fault, and it will be better to maintain and repair the mechanical engineers.

For example: the indicator light is not bright, the machine is not power, fault analysis: 1. transformer fuse burns. 2. emergency brake switch lock. Troubleshooting:

1. change the fuse. 2 the switch is restored.

Through the above functional control Jiangsu Ponse cutting machine repair engineer quickly judge the fault, and quickly solve the fault, the machine is sent to the production line, the above cutting machine control basic knowledge for the benefits of novice is self-evident, machine repair engineers do not understand that the machine will not be able to

Make an accurate judgement of the machine.