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Knowledge of Die Cutting Machine

Jul 17, 2017

Knowledge of Die Cutting Machine.

What kind of material is suitable to be cutted?

It is suitable for foam, cardboard, textiles, plastic materials, leather, rubber, packaging materials, flooring materials, carpets and other non-metallic materials.

According to the structure of points:

A, swing arm cutting machine: punching parts can swing the rocker, suitable for leather, natural materials and artificial leather and other non-metallic materials, punching.

B, gantry moving cutting machine: punching parts can be moved along the beam around the punching head, knife mold can be fixed in the punching head, can also be placed on the workpiece. Large, computer-controlled gantry cutting machine punch can be installed on the knife mold can be rotated, according to the program layout, select the appropriate tool; of course, should be equipped with automatic feeding mechanism.

C, flat-type cutting machine: it is the difference between the gantry-type cutting machine is directly on the beam cut, there is no moving punching head. Flat cutting machine is divided into: beams fixed or beams can be moved back and forth and table skateboard can move back and forth two categories.

D, four-column precision cutting machine: double-cylinder, four-column automatic balance connecting rod structure.

According to the transmission method points:

A. Mechanical transmission cutting machine

General mechanical transmission of the cutting machine faster, stable operation (adjusted, the lower limit of the stroke will not change), punching large; its biggest drawback is the noise. So since the 1960s gradually for the hydraulic transmission of the cutting machine instead.

B. Hydraulic driven cutting machine

Judge the hydraulic cutting machine function is mainly based on: punching shear size and punching speed. Punching force is very large, but punching speed is very low, or punching speed is very high, but the punching force is very small machine, can not successfully complete the punching task. For the mechanical drive cutting machine are generally high cutting speed, about 250 times / min; the punching speed is variable, the average punching speed: 200 mm / s. The cutting speed of the hydraulic cutting machine is generally greater than 75 mm / sec.

The hydraulic cutting machine is characterized by the fact that the pressure in the working cylinder does not reach the rated pressure when the die is applied to the workpiece by the die, and the pressure will increase as the time of contact (cut into the work) increases until The solenoid valve receives the signal, the reversing valve commutation, the punching head begins to reset; when the pressure inside the cylinder is limited by the pressure oil time entering the cylinder, it may not reach the set rated pressure value; Said that the system pressure did not meet the design value, punching has been completed.

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