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Leather embossing machine derived from leather composite machine

Mar 28, 2018

The composite leather is widely used in leather, leather pants, boots, bags, sofa, car seat and other industries. We can also understand this, as long as the real leather can be used in the real leather composite machine.

The composite fabric used as thermal underwear, outdoor clothing and other high-end clothing more and more, the composite of leather garment enterprises not only simplifies the production process, saves a lot of work for sewing, but also gives the new fabric warm, breathable function, also produced more beautiful and durable clothing.

Leather embossing machine technology

In order to meet the increasingly urgent requirement of leather industry for the "high quality and high production" of leather machinery, leather embossing machine was born, it can be customized according to needs, and the embossing roller is hydraulically pressed to make the pressure more stable, and the pattern and veins pressed out are clear and even. The 3 water cooled rods of 500mm diameter continuously cool down, and the double axle center turns to replace the curling. It can not stop down and run much faster, so as to improve the efficiency of the process and achieve the effect of high efficiency and energy saving.

Use of leather embossing machine

Effect: surface embossing. It is mainly used for various kinds of artificial leather, plastic skin, PVC and PU surface to press out various patterns and patterns, transfer all kinds of gold, silver and flower case films, enrich the color pattern of artificial leather and increase the three-dimensional sense to make it more high-grade surface treatment.

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