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Operation instructions for automatic feeding and cutting machine [Ponse cutting machine].

Apr 17, 2018

Operation instructions for automatic feeding and cutting machine [Ponse cutting machine].

1, turn on the main power supply (electric box), unscrew the power emergency stop button and connect the whole machine.

2, according to the front page icon of the touch screen, enter the next page.

3, press the touch screen "oil pump start" button to start the oil pump motor, then the upper pressure plate will move.

Do it once to find the position of the work origin.

4, press touch button's "parameter operation (A area operation)" button to enter the working parameter screen.

5, set the knife die:

A, operators placed the mold to be used to the center of the feeding platform. (Note: setting the knife die

No punching articles should be placed above or below the mold.

B, press the button setting button on the touch screen, and the indicator lights will flash at this time.

C and press the push button on the touch screen. At this time, the feeding platform will send the knife mold into the machine.

Cut the area, and the upper platen will fall automatically until the die is stopped.

After setting up the D, the upper press plate and the die, the reset button is set according to the touch screen.

Operation, at this time, the setting indicator is extinguished, the upper pressboard rises, and the feeding platform returns.

6. Test / blanking:

A, the operator placed blanked material to die cutter blade feeding platform;

B, adjust the working parameters according to touch screen's "rising height", "cutting depth" and other key.

Note: the cutting depth of the numerical time interval value and can not be too large, otherwise it will crush the knife

Model!!! After setting the tool die, the cutting value should increase slowly from small to large until the punching is qualified.

C, operators press the two hand operation button, then the machine enters the stamping process.

D, if the product is not qualified, we can modify the "cutting depth" value.