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Part fault treatment of hydraulic control system of hydraulic cutting machine

Mar 16, 2018

The failure of the cutting machine without pressure will appear many times, so what is the reason why the cutting machine has no pressure mainly caused by it? According to the general situation analysis, most of the pressure faults are hydraulic components and hydraulic accessories. Here we are to analyze the reasons:

Cause 1:

The oil pump is empty or damaged. The oil pump is the core component of the whole system, and the whole system is pressurized by the oil pump. So the influence of the oil pump on the pressure of the system is enormous if it is inhaled or damaged. If the oil pump is empty or damaged, many bubbles in the hydraulic oil will be seen, or there will be a different noise. The most direct method is to use the pressure gauge directly to the oil pump test (this method requires auxiliary components).

Solution: replace or repair the oil pump.

Cause 2:

Hydraulic valve leakage or damage; establish the hydraulic system of any leakage will affect the pressure; the hydraulic valve leakage is the most difficult to find such a leak, most commonly for internal leakage naked eye is difficult to observe; there is a simple method is not necessarily quasi but very effective, is to work on the rise to the highest after shutdown see table, whether there will be decline, such as there is a leak proof system from other joint external teeth can be roughly written. Judge hydraulic valve leaks.

Solution: replace the hydraulic valve.

Cause 3:

The oil cylinder seal is damaged or leaked. The leakage of the oil cylinder seal is the most difficult to check. This method needs a certain mechanical basic technology. The method is to remove the tube with rod cavity. After the pressure is released, if the oil flow out, it proves the leakage of the seal. It proves normal anyway.

Solution: replace the seal or oil cylinder.

Cause 4:

External joint or seal oil leakage, external oil leakage is more obvious, general static state and pressure state can be observed by the naked eye.

Solution: repair the oil leaking parts or replace parts.

Cause 5:

The oil is less or the quality of the oil is too poor; this will cause the pump to suck up the air or to wear out early.

Solution: please keep enough oil and oil quality, and change the hydraulic oil regularly on time.