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Ponse cutting machine allows you to read what hydraulic cutting machine is.

Aug 08, 2018

Ponse cutting machine allows you to read what hydraulic cutting machine is.

Travel switch: when the upper pressure plate descends and touches the switch, it ends for the differential of the oil pressure system.

Adjusting sleeve: When the upper pressure plate drops and touches the stroke switch 1, it is the lowest point for the upper pressure plate to descend. Cutting off and starting to pressurize until the setting time rises.

Return setting: adjust the return height. The longer the time is adjusted, the higher the cutting pressure plate rises, whereas the shorter the shorter the lower.

Pressure regulation: if the cutting depth is not enough or too deep, please adjust the timer. The longer the adjustment is, the higher the pressure is, the deeper the cutting is, the shorter the less the pressure is.

Power indicator: the light is on, indicating the connected power supply.

Counter: once the cutting action is taken, the number displayed by the counter is increased by 1, so that the number of cutting work can be seen.

Manual button: press the button with two hands, cutting action (press the button is invalid).

Emergency stop button: in any case, press the button, the upper pressure plate will stop falling and pick up.

Motor stop button: press this button to stop the motor, and the oil pump stops the oil supply.

The motor start button: the motor is operated by this button.

Oil cylinder: the upward or downward movement of the upper plate.

Idler: make the cutting board placed on the top easy to pull back and forth.

Oil pump: oil tank of the oil tank to the oil cylinder.

Overflow valve: Set the safety oil pressure when cutting, when cutting pressure exceeds the set value, the valve will overflow, thus protecting the oil pump. The setting value has been adjusted before the factory is released (users are not allowed to adjust at will).

Solenoid valve: control the upward downward movement of the upper plate.

Solenoid valve: control differential circuit, improve the speed of pressing plate down.