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Ponse cutting machine production process [Ponse cutting machine]

Apr 25, 2018

Ponse cutting machine production process [Ponse cutting machine]

The part of the hydraulic four column cutting machine of Ponse has a good structure technology, which means that under certain conditions of production, it can be produced accurately and easy to be assembled into a machine. Therefore, the structural manufacturability of parts should be considered comprehensively from several aspects, such as blank manufacturing, machining and assembly.

The design of part structure should meet the requirements of use first. This is the fundamental purpose of designing and manufacturing parts. It is the premise of considering the process of part structure. Besides the requirements of the use performance of parts, the requirements of precision, maintenance and maintenance are also required.

In the whole manufacturing process of the hydraulic four - column cutting machine parts of Ponse, the cutting process is the most time consuming, so it is particularly important for the machining of the parts. In order to improve the manufacturability of parts in the cutting process, the following requirements are required for the structural design of the cutting machine except for meeting the requirements.

(1) choose the accuracy of parts and surface roughing reasonably.

(2) the location should be accurate, reliable, easy to install and process, and easy to measure. Surfaces with different location accuracy requirements are best processed in one installation to ensure quality.

(3) the structural size of parts should be standardized so as to facilitate the use of standard cutting tools and universal measuring tools, so as to reduce the design and manufacture of special tools and measuring tools.

(4) the geometry of machined surfaces should be as simple as possible, and lay out on the same axis or plane as far as possible, so as to facilitate processing and increase productivity.

Concurrent engineering is a systematic and integrated model of product development. The core method is to build a product development team integrated with personnel and restructure the process of product development.

(1) the product development team of Ponse cutting machine staff. They represent all aspects of the product lifecycle, make decisions in the process of product development, and are responsible for the entire development process of the product. It includes product designer, product manager, manufacturing engineer, material expert, assembly engineer, quality assurance control expert, supplier representative, and other auxiliary personnel.

(2) the reconstruction of the development process of the cutting machine product of Ponse. The process reconfiguration of the product development process refers to the parallel engineering of a displaced machine, from the point of view of the global optimization of the product, to manage and control the integration process, and to improve the existing product development process.

(3) the data exchange technology of Ponse cutting machine product. The realization of the process of product development relies on various computer aided tools. Because different enterprises often use different computer aided design platforms, it is difficult to exchange product data information. Therefore, it is necessary to establish a unified product information and exchange standard to support different systems. Product data description and exchange specification.