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Problems to be paid attention to using the rocker arm cutting machine

Feb 27, 2018

The rocker cutting machine is a kind of cutting machine, and it is very suitable for cutting small area of non metal material in industry. What are the problems we should pay attention to when we use the rocker cutting machine? Next, Dongguan Wanchuan machinery and Equipment Co., Ltd. will introduce the problems that should be noticed when using the radial arm cutter.

1, when setting the cutter for the rocker arm cutting machine, you can relax the set hand wheel first, so that the set bar must touch the control switch of the cutting point, otherwise, when the cutter setting switch of the rocker arm cutter is turned to ON, it can not generate the set action.

2, when you work, the cutter of rocker arm cutting machine should be placed in the central position of the upper pressboard as far as possible, so as to avoid the unilateral wear of the rocker cutting machine. The unilateral wear of the rocker cutting machine will affect the service life of the rocker arm cutter.

3. When changing the cutting tool of the new rocker cutting machine, if the height is different, then the cutting tool of the rocker arm cutting machine should be reset according to the setting method.

4, when you use the rocker cutting machine to do the cutting action, you must leave the cutter or chopping board of the rocker cutting machine, and strictly prohibit cutting with your hand to help the cutter die, otherwise it is very dangerous.

5, if the operator is to leave the position of the rocker cutter for the time being, be sure to turn off the motor switch so as to prevent the improper operation of others and damage the machine. It is also necessary to avoid overloading of the machine so as to reduce the service life.