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Process flow of sucking product

Apr 13, 2018

The drawing process is divided into the following points:

Plastic molding production: using the automatic high speed plastic molding machine production, the basic principle is: the rolled sheet into the oven to heat the oven to soften the state, the heat then pull to the top of the plastic mold, the mold move and vacuum, the softened sheet adsorbed to the mold surface, and the cooling water spray on the molding sheet at the same time The surface of the material is hardened, and the formed sheet is then automatically pulled to the storage box, and the pneumatic cutter will separate the molding from the unformed sheet, so that the whole process is completed 1. 1, the main quality problems of Blister products mostly happen in this process.

2, plastic suction is not in place. It refers to the shape and deformation, which is not shaped into the same shape as the mold.

3, the excessive absorption of the product means that the product is too thin.

4, cable, refers to the molding products should not appear;

5. Uneven thickness. These problems need to be in good mold, debugging in place, including: the time of the sheet, the temperature and time of heating, the intensity and time of the vacuum, the position of the fall of the upper die, the time and depth, the placement of the mold in the plate, the addition of the accessories between the dies and so on.

Cutting machine processing: Blister molded large format products must be punching through a puncher and cut into a single product with a knife plate. The principle is that there is a large plastic anvil on the bottom of the punching machine. The large plate forming product is placed on the anvil, and the finished tool die is stuck on a single product and a single finished product is cut through the motion of the punch. But the defect is that the cutting plate and the knife die are easily damaged, thus cutting the cutting plate. The edge is not smooth and has a rough edge. For the high quality blister, we need to use cold die (a male mold, a female die) and a cold punch press.