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Safety operation instructions for the composite machine

Mar 21, 2018

In textile and furniture industries, a compound machine will be used. In fact, a compound machine is a device that glues two or two layers of material. For example, some clothes are not a layer of cloth, and there will be several kinds of materials coincident with each other.

So the scope of the use of the composite machine is still relatively wide, so what operation technology should be mastered by the operation compound machine?

The little editor said to his friends

First, before the start of the compound machine, we need to check the machine thoroughly to see if the bolts and screw department are loose. If there is any loosening, we need to reset it in time. The location of rotation is also necessary to see if there is any shortage of oil.

Next is the material placement, the compound operation of the compound machine. We need to put the material ahead of the line, then put the paper in the drying place, so that when the internal drying temperature reaches the specified value, we can compound the material.

But before the compound, it is necessary to dry the moisture of the material, and it is necessary to wait until the dryer of the composite machine is 180 degrees before the preheating operation can be carried out.

In fact, the use of a composite machine is widely used in a number of related industries, such as composite materials and furniture, car interior and other related industries.